Tuesday, November 24, 2009

things that coloured my life :D

being single is not a reason for a boring life to me cuz i have many things that can cheer me up :D
so, i give them ranking, from the most enjoy thing to the least one :)

first [comics]

so far, i hv spent more than rm300 for these. but before this holiday, the amount increase up to rm400... will it be rm 500 next year??? we'll see...

however, last night umi told me that she will burn all my comics if they are not appropriate. then this morning, all of them was transferred into boxes. :( the process of removing takes several hours(+ reading during packaging. hehe)

removing it...

into boxes.

second [mp3]

music of my life :D

third [my laptop]

fill up my free time...helping me in assignment :D

fourth [watches]

never leave one of them...need them every time.

fifth [jeans]

it fits me well :)
buy it with 70% less...

sixth [handphone]
it is less important for me because, recently i'm not in mood to sms anyone.
sorry guys.

it is from abah :D

seventh [wallet]

eighth [sneakers]

even though it is from bundle, but the quality is satisfied :D

ninth [fan!!!]

being a girl which cannot stand in a hot situation, this is quite important :D
therefore, it must be something that can be called 'penyejuk hati'... hehe

i love them.