Wednesday, December 30, 2009

end of 09

before this i felt so bad cuz leaving this one kind boy and now i am meeting a new one. he wants me before but i refused, and karma just done its part, now i am looking out to him. just started this new relation n praying that it will go smoothly. realized that im not that young as before, hurt others will harm me at the end. but if he hurts me one day, i guess it is a repay for what i had done before.

reason for me to like him may not be as good as people said..the kind of person's heart. i dont see it in him so far. but i guess, he just like me in that sense. appearance is the first merit and it always be the first. no need to be hypocrite, its ok. 2nd reason, of course because we are both in opposite gender :)...created to complete the nature :)

even if the gap of me seeing another person is not really can called 'a gap', but i think i managed to forget all that happened in the past. hoping is not in my list of life anymore. lets just depend on time. talk alot will never makes thing better.

overall, so far i found this which makes my life happy and im going into it, the happiness. even it is temporary, who knows if it will remain...

problems just make things complecated. fated that abah's condition is worst right now, im going to take the responsibility during weekend. it is not really difficult to help him i guess. the difficult part is actually, seeing him in lots of silents with his days. praying that things will be back to normal just kind of illusion i think. the condition is just like wan's before. praying is the only solution.

with a new wish for this new coming year, i want things to be in their way, leeting me update my study and all... happy new year!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

things that coloured my life :D

being single is not a reason for a boring life to me cuz i have many things that can cheer me up :D
so, i give them ranking, from the most enjoy thing to the least one :)

first [comics]

so far, i hv spent more than rm300 for these. but before this holiday, the amount increase up to rm400... will it be rm 500 next year??? we'll see...

however, last night umi told me that she will burn all my comics if they are not appropriate. then this morning, all of them was transferred into boxes. :( the process of removing takes several hours(+ reading during packaging. hehe)

removing it...

into boxes.

second [mp3]

music of my life :D

third [my laptop]

fill up my free time...helping me in assignment :D

fourth [watches]

never leave one of them...need them every time.

fifth [jeans]

it fits me well :)
buy it with 70% less...

sixth [handphone]
it is less important for me because, recently i'm not in mood to sms anyone.
sorry guys.

it is from abah :D

seventh [wallet]

eighth [sneakers]

even though it is from bundle, but the quality is satisfied :D

ninth [fan!!!]

being a girl which cannot stand in a hot situation, this is quite important :D
therefore, it must be something that can be called 'penyejuk hati'... hehe

i love them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

bigbang reach japan!!!

a huge thanks to
i found it several days ago and all the latest informations about big bang i can know from it. their new japanese single "gara gara go" are now published and it is now in a top ranking of youtube views.
their japenese comersial name are:
g-dragon : g-dragon
seungri : V.I
dea sung : d-lite
tae yang : sol
t.o.p : T.O.P

Saturday, June 27, 2009


crazy about them ;-)

Saat aku tertawa di atas semua

Saat aku menangisi kesedihanku
Aku ingin engkau selalu ada

Aku ingin engkau aku kenang
Selama aku masih bisa bernafas

Masih sanggup berjalanKu kan slalu memujamu

Meski ku tak tau lagi

Engkau ada di mana

Dengarkan aku ku merindukanmu
Saat aku mencoba merubah sgalanyaSaat aku meratapi kekalahanku
Dengarkan aku ku merindukanmu

Monday, April 20, 2009

my new friend

last Saturday i went out with anep a.k.a abg afiqah and it was great to hang out with him. at first i was in doubt whether i should go or not, but hang out with him is not boring at all. we went to watch the fast and furious 4 and the movie absolutely fantastic. although the conflict is not deeper as the title, but the actions and sound effects have covered the weak part. then we walked to lawyat and went to guess what, there was a cat walk show when we arrived and a modle there just like johny depp. hahaha.. i really like that fake johny depp. after eating we just chatting a litle bit and go straight home.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

my old life

I bet u people don't belief these picas are all me :

this is more alike as now. just a bit slim than my current looks.

my appetite starts to grow at this age.

compared to now? you can refer to the previous post below. huhu...

Friday, April 10, 2009

the dinner was not bad even the food were bad

So, basically what makes the dinner nice is the atmosphere which was black n red. but it has to be reminded that this was not perjumpaan puteri umno ok :D

before the moment

i think im ready!

so here we are:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i hate...

My mom said not to talk with stranger.
Do their mom tell them that???
Why do they bother to talk with some one that they dont even know?
I only talk with people whose I've known their:
name and face
some one that i have to talk with or
to people that i need to deal something with them.
Go away stranger because you are not invited into my world
I dont like to disturb people = i dont want people to disturb me.


Friday, February 6, 2009

my result on pessimism test

Snapshot Report
According to your responses, your perspective of humankind is neither na├»ve nor jaded. Instead of assuming the best or worst of someone, you wait before making a judgment. You prefer to have others earn your trust, and although you won’t necessarily assume everyone has a hidden agenda, you’re also not the type to accept everything people say or do at face value. Tempered with a hearty dose of skepticism, this is a relatively healthy perspective. You may however, benefit from being a little more trusting. Unlike their less positive counterparts, optimists will at least try to find the good in even the most difficult of people, and are much more willing to place their faith in others. Although this doesn’t mean that you should trust the good intentions of everyone you meet, a leap of faith every once in a while couldn’t hurt.

you also can try once at :

Monday, January 26, 2009

TaeYang-Na man bara bwa

although t.o.p is the most member that i like, but when it comes to voice, i have to admit that taeyang is the best :D. however, no one can compete the smile of my t.o.p. lalala~