Thursday, January 14, 2010

doa nak kawen :D

aku nga baca2 blog2 org rmi then, this one blog is actually talks about the symptoms of disease produced by our body. start from the head until leg. mmg best pun..then, i was actually looking at his list of post then ternampak doa for those yg da kemaruk sgt nk kawen but then xleh2 nk kawen(maybe for some reason la kot kan...) keke... here it is :

Ya Allah,

Kalau dia memang jodohku, jodohkanlah. Tapi kalau bukan jodohku, jodohkanlah jugak. Jika dia tidak berjodoh denganku, maka jadikanlah kami jodoh…. Kalau dia bukan jodohku, jangan sampai dia dapat jodoh yang lain, selain ku.. Kalau dia tidak bisa dijodohkan dengan ku, jangan sampai dia dapat jodoh yang lain. Biarkan dia tidak berjodoh sama seperti diriku..

Dan saat dia telah tidak memiliki jodoh, jodohkanlah kami kembali… Kalau dia berjodoh dengan orang lain, putuskanlah! Jodohkanlah denganku… Jika dia tetap menjadi jodoh orang lain, biar orang itu ketemu jodoh dengan yang lain dulu dan kemudian jodohkan kembali dia denganku… (nak nak sangat ni..!!!.)


hahaha...sounds funny but according to the writer: moral of the story, please do not shy to pray for something that you really2 hope for. doa may change our fate...just believe in ALLAH :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

i feel like crying :(

i have to do a lot of readings this sem, and it is hard for me because i get sleepy easily. i don't know what makes me feel so tired. i just have a normal day as before, but i realized i couldn't survive long enough to finish my reading. there are plenty of books that i haven't read yet. things just make me worried. of course this will be a huge problem to me for the whole sem. what should i do...

list of books that i have to read:

-major Barbara
-a room with a view
-BM kerjaya
-moll Flanders
-Dr. Faustus

i think there is more, but i could not remember... but I'll add later... :(