Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weds preps

Despite worrying about my assignments, it is not the reason to miss my cousin's wed. Everybody is getting busy yet the havoc is enjoyed by all. Though the wed is simple, it gives a release to my stress. I eat alot, that is a proof i enjoy the event so much. Congrats my lil sis, u are my senior now :-)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Its been three months that my middle finggers is infected like this. I went twice to doctors but they just gave me cream and some anti-biotics. But i think they just do not work well. The infected area is spreading day by day. It eats half of my middle finger n started growing at the last finger.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Its been in this few days that i feel so lazy to do chores. My room is getting messy and homework remain unfinished. An article that supposed to take 15 minitues for a reading lasted for three days untouched. Well, i do prays for my hardwork to be back but it seems far. And i noticed i do not have a satisfying appetite like before. I only eat RM2.60 meal for lunch. I wonder what is happening and i wish it will leave. I dont like living like this.

Terrible moment

I am indeed in a terrible moment. Study does not go very well. Soulmate being so not understandable. Mom gets herself buzy renovating the house. Dad is like always, far from me geographically. Job does not let me go, but i baerly seen the money coming in. I will not blame anyone for this. I know these are happening with good reasons. I hope everything will turn better. My pray is only for the Glorious, who knows me better than myself. I need to be strong for the future me.