Sunday, November 4, 2012

i want to...

i want to get married. that is all i would like to say. but people say, when its time for you to get married, Allah will open the ways for you. i guess, the time is not yet for me. i should pray more. a lot more than before. i cry. i cried. why would i? pray is a lot more better. the thing is, the more i pray, the more i see it away from me. or just me being too negative about it?

the more i pray, the more i see others get into marriages. and i continue to cry. how should i tell my heart to be patient? i just don't know how. sometime it bothers my study. if possible, i would like to know, steps to get married.just like how i know steps for job interview. if there is one, all i can say, if..

i owe him a big thanks for wanting me to be hims. i don't know what to say. having someone who ask me to be hims is a much grateful because i'm not that gorgeous, but he says i'm beautiful for him.oh Allah, i ask you with all my humbleness, allow me to be part of his life, as he be one part for mine. i'm asking your permission oh Allah. give me strength to face this test.