Thursday, July 24, 2008

its my birthday!!!

last two days was my birthday and i found out that there are several people who didnt wish me yet. :D

Monday, July 7, 2008

wrong class... oooopps!

my day seems to be good. i woke up at 6, after subuh, at 7 i when to the female stadium, doing my exercise and get ready to class at 9.30 am. the class is start at 10 am, so i hope that i will no late for my first class. i checked my schedule, take a look at the venue and it stated that i have to go to the IRK 2 1.25. it is my sirah class. the ustaz came then, and my friend and i were exited to get the front sit. we are the earlier students that got in to the class. and suddenly, the ustaz is talking in arabic and i feel something has going wrong. ustaz gives me the list name to tick the attendance, and i look at the subject name, oh my god!!! its mot my class. i get in into the wrong class. he started to ask everybody's name in arabic, started to write in arabic and i realized that i will be the first girl that will introduce my self. my freind had started to ask me to tell the ustaz that we had a wrong venue. with a huge ashame, i make my move and tell the ustaz the truth. we get out of the calss as cool as we can. hahaha. after that i called another friend to ask about the venue. it is beside the wrong class. thanks God the lecturer had not come in yet. the class is cancel and i came to the library to update my blog.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

aizat AF5

i just know about this boy called aizat(gegar). he is a singer which i really admire his voice. this talented boy is physically big in the academy but he manages to loose his weight now. i just saw him on tv, an wow!! he make a new appearence to his style. let's compare how is he before and now.


he was big,curly hair and just look untidy on his wear.


and this is the new look of aizat. he was at muzik@Ria programe with hani the host of muzik@Ria. aizat handsome!