Thursday, April 26, 2007


tomorrow i will sit for my muet test.. owh... i feel really2 nervouse. i dont make any preparation. i just go and sit for the test. my God.. please help me to past excellently!

last nite he mssg me again. i thought he wouldn't mssg me anymore..huh~ just wanna tell me that tomorrow, erk.. i mean today, his final will begin.. so, i just wish him a huge best of luck! from our conversation last nite, i know that he didn't finish his revision yet..pity on him. and he send me a gdnite wish at 2am and another mssg at 4.30am. he want me to wake him up this morning to continue his study. and i did it. but it preety much late.. i notice that he wake up at 7am. can he make a revision at that time..? i dont know..coz, he tell me that the exam will start at 8.30am.. perhaps he's done. it shows that i still care about him eh?? :p whatever..

i will hanging out with nabila and hamidah today.. owh..this 2 girls..i miss them alot. very much. i always share my secret with them..rather my others roomates. and, they do the same to me. thats why, i feel easy to join them in anytime eventhough we just know each other at uia. oh, its late, i got to go.. i do not iron my scarf yet.. adios!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

my japanese name!!!

Your Japanese Name Is...
Sachiko Yamamoto

Thursday, April 19, 2007

nothing to do..

I’ve read an article in a news paper on 18 April… It’s about the ranks fastest in love-making. Huh~ doesn’t it’s a shame things to tell out? And what makes me read the article is, the Malaysian spend 19.9 mins in loves-making. Hahaha… lol… things like that had been discussing in TV also. This was the research from the ‘Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey’ by condom-maker. And… the article tell about the percent of satisfy doing sex… haha… Why people keep research about this? Doesn’t it’s a personal things to discuss? I don’t understand…:~???

Move to another issues… about the loosing boy, Yin. He had been found after been missing for about 15 days. During the 15 days, he was keeping by a Myanmar couple in Sentul. The problem now is, his parents want to take an action by sending the Myanmar couple to the police. Government thought that there was a syndicates by the Myanmar couple, kidnap kids and send them for beggars… owh, I don’t thinks so. Why they need to do that? They also parents…and they know the feelings of parents. People should thanks to the Myanmar couple coz didn’t hurt that boy. They take good care to that boy what… it’s not fair to send them to police. L

And sports… this was another big achievement by Nicole when she again being a winner in the final of the Qatar Classic in Doha. Overall, she had winning 3 times in big competition like this. No wonder she was titled as one of the best player in the world. Owh, she is the no.1 squashy player so far… hehehe... Malaysia boleh!!! Wawawa… proud being a Malaysian J

Actually, I was planning of taking my sister to some book store around KL. But I had canceled it this morning… pity on her… she had ironed her cloths… huhu~ I just can’t go. If I go, I will miss another episode of ‘Bukan Cinderella’. I had missed it yesterday… owh, talking about yesterday, I’ve already got my result. I failed again. Looks like I am a stupid person. Madam wan had advised me to take a break and continue my new semester in July. She is true. I think that is the best I should do now. But I don’t want to be free for a long time. If that, I’ll keep remembering *****. I hate that. And, last night he had SMS me to say good night. And that’s all. No sweet words anymore. I’ve told before, he will easily forget me. But it’s ok J I can accept it now! I try!

Monday, April 16, 2007

zakuan :)

hehe.. last week zakuan was in penang and i've met him. he followed her father. his father got buisness to do.. he looks cute wearing kain pelekat ;p hehe. i bought him nasi kandar from my place to him. he told me that he didnt take his dinner yet and i go out, bought some food for him. its been 2 months we havent met. and i miss him very much.. miss to be in a class with him. hihi

Mish u zakuan!!

i hate him!!

im happy being his friend. The problem is he always make me jelaous with his story. huh~ fine! (hey,u think u good enough!! aergh.. i hate u!) and start from now..i will try not to msg him anymore. i feel like, i was like a stupid person when he always talk about his ex. what, he thought im willing to hear all the story.. oh, hello.. i hate to listen all that lol. and now, i can't stand anymore when 1 nite he told that his ex had called him and they were on the phone for about 2 hours. finally that nite, i told him that i dont like 'that girl' called him coz.. of course he will not msg me as usual anymore :( but he had promised me to not forget me. whatever...

The thing is..i like to be friend of him.. and i like him. but after i told him that actually im not happy when her ex called him, he was like, told me that the girl was his first.. he know that i was unhappy that nite.. the i replied, "then, the 1st cannot be the 2nd??" and i forgot what he had replied to me.. at last i told him that i dont want to be like my 1st relationship.. and he undestand.. but,after what had happened, i think he still have a hope with the girl and i feel uneasy to hope anything from him. and i decide, just to be his friend :)

Huhu..and i was thinking that this is my chance to get close with this 'one boy'. he looks shy when with me..haha. start my new plan with sue..hehe ;p

Monday, April 9, 2007


Yes!! Finally I've been free from examination. just waiting for the result on 17th april. the paper just now is not to hard for me..erm..maybe i struggle more on this paper. i've spent for about 4days to cover in this subject only.hehe.. God knows how paranoid i am before this. i dont want to repeat the paper. i cant stand to be in poetry class anymore.however, i have to take it again at Gombak soon.. and it might be hard than this time. i need to prepare for that. i batter get known or familiar with the subject. probably with other subjects too.. owh.. i've looked at the module that i'll be taking in main campus soon. owh my God, i've to take all the 54 subjects before i get m degree. emh..i need a strong support from everyone..

Tomorrow i will return home. everybody at home alaways call me and ask when i want to return me?? hehe..perhaps.. but i miss all my friends here. miss to go to class with them,miss to get dinner with them every night, miss to have fun and play jokes with them.. but ot all of them are here right now. zakuan and manap are not here :( aizat just return home this morning..maybe its difficult to me to meet aizat again. But still can meet them at main campus even it takes a lot of time.

huh.. miss them so much lol..

Saturday, April 7, 2007

bihah!! see me..

Finally.. i create my blog on google. As bihah had ask me to be a blogger on google.So bihah, here i am :)

I have nothing to say rite now,just keep my mind to miss my friend,mc dee.And tomorrow I'll be sitting for my poetry exam for the second time..hehehe. 20 of my friends and I have to re-sit that paper in order to graduate from this matrix, and many more have to repeat that subject again. Thanks God I just need to re-sit it. And hope that I'll pass this time.

Right after the exam, I wanna go back home. I miss my home very much.But I hate to be in bus for hours..ergh.. but I have to..

Hmm..nothing imortant right now than thinking of the questions that maight come tomorrow. oh.. I need to struggle tonight. wish me luck ya!