Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 important status

I acknowledged my status in this world. Towards my Lord the Almighty, the authority and my beloved parents. I am a servant, a subject and a daughter.

I will always acknowledge my role, to obey all His syariah, rules and obligation as restricted in the Quran. But why is it so hard for me to implement it. Astaghfirullah...forgive me my Lord, for not be able to live up to your order. Ya Allah, help me in finding the truth to my path, help me in enhancing my Iman, guide me in my life, lead me to my success, Islam's success. Ameen, ya rabb al-alameen...

I will always realize my role as a subject to my country. To follow the regulations restricted in the constitution. However, if the regulations against me to obey my Lord the Almighty, I will stop. From obeying them. There is not need to shout what is right, what is wrong. When I practice what is right, it shows. Little knowledge is better when it is practice.

I will always appreciate my status as a daughter. For it I can repay my parents' sacrifice. For it, I knew how it feels to be a daughter, I learned to care, I learned to love important people in my life. For my rude words and actions, I would like to apologize. "Ya Rabbi, forgive my sins, and my parents sins, and bless them as they bless me when I was a kid. Ameen. "