Wednesday, May 16, 2007

i continue with my post yesterday...

today we have cooked 4 different menu and i really2 like the menu during launch time. It is 'sambal kentang'... i dont know how to translate it in eng..but the main ingredient is potato and i really like potato. so i ate too much today.

i've heard that this college wants to make a trip. and my cousin's name and i are including in the list trip. i am really happy coz there is a long time i didnt go for camping. i want to finish all my time there in the waterfall. hehehe...

i dont know why lately, fitri is acting wired with me. it was happened when he saw my picture in my YM's avatar. huh~ i dont think he will like me... its more easy if i treat him as a friend.
And another thing had surprised me was,zakuan. i didnt know that he really2 concern about me. well..all my friends,they do concern about me coz they had been my friend for a long time.. but zakuan, i just know him last semester. and he really2 do care about me..
He'd called me two days ago, asked me if im ok or not. he'd heard about my ex-bf will getting married soon and i still thinking about that guy. and sometimes, i do think about ihsan. and all these make him worry about me. he also ask me why i didnt tell him about my poetry paper. he knows that i fail that paper from sue. he said, he keep thinking why i didnt tell him all these coz i seems close with him in matrix. and..what more can i say, just ask for his forgiveness.
I like when we both wish gdnite and "i miss u..mmuah!!" hehe..
i really3 miss him.. tq zakuan :)

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