Wednesday, September 19, 2007

blur in class..

i just came back from my poetry class. i don't know why everyone is blur in class just now. we did two poems just now, A Fantasy and Love is not all.

A fantasy is about a woman, who just lost her husband... and she have to start her new life as a widow. Earn her kids by her own, without her husband. everything is going to change. At the cemetery, she just looking at the folded hand of her husband. and suddenly her house is full of visitors. she sit stately, trying to be strong. not to cry. but deep inside, she wants all of them go back home. she wants to go to backwards. where there is only she and her husband. where there was their first kiss.

And the second poem is about love. at first the speaker is saying that love is not all. not foods and drinks.not a shelter that we can live in. not something that we can hold on when we drowning.but somehow, many a man are getting died without enough love. sometimes, she feels that she wants to sell all her love to get peace. to get some food when she was in a difficult time. she thinks she would do that, but no. she can't do that actually because for her love is everything.
hemm... what do you think? does the poet being sarcastic?

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