Monday, July 7, 2008

wrong class... oooopps!

my day seems to be good. i woke up at 6, after subuh, at 7 i when to the female stadium, doing my exercise and get ready to class at 9.30 am. the class is start at 10 am, so i hope that i will no late for my first class. i checked my schedule, take a look at the venue and it stated that i have to go to the IRK 2 1.25. it is my sirah class. the ustaz came then, and my friend and i were exited to get the front sit. we are the earlier students that got in to the class. and suddenly, the ustaz is talking in arabic and i feel something has going wrong. ustaz gives me the list name to tick the attendance, and i look at the subject name, oh my god!!! its mot my class. i get in into the wrong class. he started to ask everybody's name in arabic, started to write in arabic and i realized that i will be the first girl that will introduce my self. my freind had started to ask me to tell the ustaz that we had a wrong venue. with a huge ashame, i make my move and tell the ustaz the truth. we get out of the calss as cool as we can. hahaha. after that i called another friend to ask about the venue. it is beside the wrong class. thanks God the lecturer had not come in yet. the class is cancel and i came to the library to update my blog.

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