Monday, August 18, 2008


i was joining an explorace last saturday and it was tired but fun. we are all the PGG members were devided into 10 groups and guess what, we are all not knowing each other. at first i thought its gonna be a trouble in communicating. but later, it was going smoothly.

there are 8 check point that we had to pass. the first check point was called pink check point and we have a game called "bergu".we pass all the 5 words given. second check point was quite interesting where two of us need to be a representative to sing several national song. the game was called " jangan lupa lirik" just like at Astro. next was not a game. it is just like a duty. we have to clean a car that been dirty by flour. we are just given two pail of water and a bit of soap, with two towels. thats all we have to make the car clean. owh, there were many more. lots of fun to tell here.

oh, mcd just come ack from Hong kong. she said HK was a best place. but i dont have any intention to go there.

i am following the economy index of japan recently and i found that the rate of their economy was not as stable as before. it was going down until -2.4%... i think it is quite dangerous for japan.

i was home sick last day.. miss my family..huhu

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