Monday, October 13, 2008

end of my sem

the pack time has just arrived within this week. two works need to be handed at a time.
thursday (16/10/08) 4pm-essay due date!
8.30 pm-play performance.

it is just 2 more days left for me to practice the performance with the script memorization and the gesture on the stage. we will presented the play in front of of our classmate and the funny lecturer. all of them are like more than 50 people.

tomorrow, i have to read my memorization on 3 surahs, but still i havent memorize them yet. what to do? (*_*)

the most things that i enjoyed during this sem :

1- my new love towards kenichi matsuyama - i love him so much
2-suddenly feel like having two kids in my life (botak n haziq) - the cute boys of papa's sister
3-my red sliper - rm6.90
4-sirah class - the advice by sohirin
5-rasok class - sweet smile of my lect
6-kak mei class-crazy funny

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