Saturday, November 8, 2008

i feel bad

I dont know what to say but at this moment, i just feel bad with my self.
i wanna breakup but i think its not nice to do like that to him.
i feel bad to my mum cuz she always talk about money with me..
i feel bad to my dad cuz he doesn't care if i got money to eat or not..
i feel bad cuz i have to pretend in front of him..
i feel bad cuz my laptop is down again..
i feel bad cuz nobody can help me to fix my laptop..
i feel bad cuz i have not finish study for the last paper yet..
i feel bad cuz i really miss mardhiah but i cant see her face..
i feel bad cuz tina said i gemok like mak org..
i feel bad cuz i like sung min but i know i will never have a chance to meet him..
i feel bad cuz at this moment i cant look for sunmin face cuz all his pictures are in my laptop..
i fell bad untill i dont know what to do..
but i realized one thing that HE is always be beside me..
i hope HE will fix all the bad felling of me.. [ameen]


Anonymous said...

hi...pini...dont feel toooo...bad...
i know u can fix dat...
believe in urself k!

appini said...

thanks hajar..
lov u!!!