Wednesday, December 30, 2009

end of 09

before this i felt so bad cuz leaving this one kind boy and now i am meeting a new one. he wants me before but i refused, and karma just done its part, now i am looking out to him. just started this new relation n praying that it will go smoothly. realized that im not that young as before, hurt others will harm me at the end. but if he hurts me one day, i guess it is a repay for what i had done before.

reason for me to like him may not be as good as people said..the kind of person's heart. i dont see it in him so far. but i guess, he just like me in that sense. appearance is the first merit and it always be the first. no need to be hypocrite, its ok. 2nd reason, of course because we are both in opposite gender :)...created to complete the nature :)

even if the gap of me seeing another person is not really can called 'a gap', but i think i managed to forget all that happened in the past. hoping is not in my list of life anymore. lets just depend on time. talk alot will never makes thing better.

overall, so far i found this which makes my life happy and im going into it, the happiness. even it is temporary, who knows if it will remain...

problems just make things complecated. fated that abah's condition is worst right now, im going to take the responsibility during weekend. it is not really difficult to help him i guess. the difficult part is actually, seeing him in lots of silents with his days. praying that things will be back to normal just kind of illusion i think. the condition is just like wan's before. praying is the only solution.

with a new wish for this new coming year, i want things to be in their way, leeting me update my study and all... happy new year!!!

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