Sunday, June 1, 2008

*reunion aka flash back memories*

we got a reunion last week. i guess, this reunion is more meaningful than before. i dont know why, but i just feel that way. before the reunion, there is a function at my school. regarding the 2nd decade of my school's old, we had a great meeting between parents and teacher, and also a carnival. most of the students participated in progressing the carnival. for me, it was a great day that the whole school had contributed.

i met with my two besto frent! mama wie n fitri. haha...both are getting matured. widad looks serious with arif. but the relationship is a bit complicated. i feel sorry when i saw her face in a sad expression. i know that she dont want to loose arif. from her talk, i can imagine that arif is a kind hatred person, caring about her, but may be he just dont know how to show it. plus, the situation of him makes he act in that way.

unexpected love story...erm, used to be a love story i guess. hehehe.. i dont know and never cross in my mind that fitri used to have an affair with timah adnan. my junior. its not a funny thing for me. by that, i just realize that timah is actually not like what we seen her as her. yeah, women still have a 'small feeling' what people call 'naluri ingin di sayangi'.

this is another unexpected case that widad, fitri and i had to go trough. it goes like this, because of that is my first time i met fitri, he ask me to send him at the bus station. his bus was at 2.30pm. we move from m3 at 12, and had our launch at kangar. he went with his friends and i went with widad to kfc. at 2 pm, he came to us. but we just started to eat. and i think he will miss the bus if he wait for us. so i told him,

"balik next bus la...bas ke ipoh byk x?"
"sapa nk byr..."
"aku la.."
widad add, " kiteorg share aa, bila lagi mau blanja ko"

then we decided to postpone the time. after we prayed, we go straight to the bus stop and, no!!!! there is no bus to ipoh at the evening. the early bus is at 9pm. God knows how guilty i am towards fitri. if only i finish up my lauch quickly, things like this will not happened. at the end, we spent our day at kangar. just three of us. hahaha. the unexpected experience. spending a day without any reasonable reason. kah3..

during dinner, there is another unexpected visitor show up. shaker. he is from my batch. he spoiled my mood with a stupid question that came out from his mouth...
"eh, dulu bkn ngn ehsan ke?"
stop. er... back to the real point.

after seeing him, widad's face is suddenly changed. if before, she said she got an head edge, but it disappear all of sudden. impressive! shaker brings an aura that cant be say by mouth. haha. and it changes widad.

overall, i am really, very, strongly, bravely said that i got a beautiful happiness on that day. with all the unexpected things, can make my day full of meaning.

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