Saturday, June 7, 2008


I've been spend my 3months holiday at my village. taking care for my aunt. i think that is a good thing to do. but as a normal teen (am i??), the feeling of bored always come and go when there is nothing to do. my job here is not difficult as i thought. just feeding her when she cant eat well. sometimes she looks as a normal person, very fine. and i had thought once that she might created the bad situation of her to get a sympathy from us. but when i think about it again, its hard to make our self in a bad situation. people cant cry for the whole day, non-stop! cannot! but my aunt just did it. so, i guess she got a problem with her psychology. she need an psychologist. but villagers always think in a different way. they prefer to see the 'village doctor'. fortunately it makes she looks better than before. she can eat by herself now. just sometime she cry as she used to be before.

as long as i've been here, many beautiful and weired things i saw. i like to go out, snapping pics and jogging around my village, and found a few beautiful bird's nest hanging on a coconut tree. the shape is long, thin on its top and getting bigger at the end. it got two holes. there is another nest which from the same spices of bird on a top of rubber tree. but it is only with one hole. both are very tidy and unique. overall i can say about it is, it use a lot of creativity. another nest is stated in a tree like we often see. the normal nest of birds.

the weired things...erm.. umi come to me this week. she will be here until friday. haha. im glad. many things i have to buy. and i had list them all. just wait for my mum to...SHOPPING!!!!
the happiest thing for women.

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