Monday, May 23, 2011

long story just being told

this is my long past experience regarding klcc. once we enter suria KLCC we find it very interesting with too many shops and cafe. if you go there by putra LRT, the first thing you will notice is a long que for a hot "Roti Boy" which will make you go for it too. before this, the que had disturbed other visitor to pass by the corner. the company now has renovate their store to fix the position of que problem. plus, their product is increasing, up to the taste of everyone. recently i just spent rm14.10 for the bread+mini pizza+croissant+tuna cheese+cheese stick. hmmm yummy!

the next thing you will focus on a juice and sandwich stop. the juice stall provide a very weird drink which is "grass juice". i don't know, maybe it is weird for Malaysian, not for others. then, when you are heading on, you will reach the center on Suria KLCC in which, at your left, there are information counter, UNIQLO,swatch, and an escalator. behide the escalator, there is actually aunty annes! a yummy one too! on your right, there is a lift and escalator to the next level.

i would like to take you to the most frequent place that i hang out with anep. ladies and gentlemen, you just need to proceed your step straight, until you find an escalator, and go up until the 2nd level, you will notice coffee beans store with lots of customer. you might have to wait for 10 or 15 minutes before you will be seated. when approaching the counter, a friendly and helpful barrister will take your order and put your name on your drink cup. for drink, i would like to suggest you a nice drink. not too sweet. not too creamy. not too weird. but very pleasant to be tasted. Caramel Hazelnut. a nice try when we both make order for our first time and we never stop from ordering it. when your name is called, it means your order is ready. you just need to open the sandwiches that you bought at Roti Boy before and Caramel Hazelnut as your evening drink. that would be nice!

a nice taste while reading.

other than nice stop for your evening tea, KLCC is the place to rock! outside Suria KLCC, a huge park provided for people to bring their kids and friends. its just a suitable place to have fun. a huge playground is built by various theme. all the playgrounds are connected to each other and become a huge one.

we rock!

there is also a water park for small kids to play around with new friends. a water park with no entrance fees needed. when it comes to prayer time, a nice and comfortable mosque is exist at the end of the park. it is very convenient to visitor to take a quick nap if they are tired. an open concept is given to pleased Muslim tourist to come to Malaysia.

other than Roti Boy, Coffee Beans and the park, KLCC also provided a visit to their highest bridge in the world. the twin tower connected with a bridge that open for visitor every morning and evening. to enter the area, one must que for the ticket at early morning. as early as you can. when anep and me come at 9a.m, we are the last visitors to go up there and our turn was at 4p.m. from the above, you can see the KL view, the whole park, the top of Suria KLCC. all are decorated as it in a theme.

you will be given a pass as a passenger. the lift take about half an hour to reach at the bridge level. me. waiting to be calling to the lift.

at the bridge.

i wish i could fly.

the top of Suria KLCC. nicely decorated as a science building.

the KLCC park from the above view.

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