Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my journey

13th may. morning. i recieved a massege that tok was badly critical. few hours later, another beep sounded and she was gone. i cried thinking about how i want to be in her funeral. to give my last respect for her. suddenly my phone ringing and it was abah. he let me know that mak cik will come and pick me then we both will go back to kampung together. i really thought she'll drive her honda but she stright away went to KLIA. all right, i kenw straight away that we were risking our time for getting there on time.

2 p.m, out turn didn't yet called. 2.30. ding! makcik go to the counter, asking for the earliest ticket and the possible one wad at 6.20 p.m. obviously we missed the funeral. i heard they said 4p.m but i didn't know what it is about. makcik told me later that it was for the waiting list pessenger. she tried to include us but we will be the 7th and the 8th. impossible for us to get the seat. we flew at 6.20p.m.

while waiting at gate 9, i saw several men were loading fuel into the planes. there were two pipes come out from the lorry. one headed to the plane and the other one goes down into a hole at the floor. i was wandering why is that a hole. why don't the pump straight away to the plane. only for the plane. it was later told by my aunt that all modern airport install the under ground fuel tank.

6.20p.m, i was in the plane. not boarding yet. i saw the staff were loading bags. there were 2 person following him at the back and both of them started throwing bag up at the escalator. they are banglashee. working here. very thin. short. they are not smiling. its was hot probably. only two of them do the work. the malay staff just instruct them with his index finger here and there. they followed whitout saying anything. i felt sorry for them. can't the malay staff ask them nicely? or the malay people easily get arrogant? or it is actually the real system. only he knows.

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