Sunday, May 1, 2011

to all kpop fans!!

30 minutes ago i found something that i coudl call it loser. while i was checking up my fb, i saw a post made by widad says that one of our fail product in malaysia. perhaps, this is the result of plagiarism. yes. PLAGIARISM. have you all heard the name of 'Gula-gula'? one of girl band group in malaysia. although they mentioned that they are not copying anyone, but their style, appearance and image say the other way around. i tried to search their songsin 4shared but something else appeared, sounds like a dangdut song. or maybe it is it. i haven't try yet to search them in you tube because this is not my note book and it was sponsored by UDA and it is not allowed flash player to be upgraded. i think they are available at you tube.

so. i click on the link given. it connects me to their official blog. it is closed for upgrading process. but they provide a link to another website. their official website. what makes they proved that they are loser is they only got 3 followers. i'm not saying that mine is a lot but as a debuted website, how can the number be so small.

then i tried to googled them. from the results show, i found their link is at the lowest of other related result of 'gula-gula'. so i clicked it. it was a media online which did a review about them. from 319 comments that the article received, only 1 or 2 comments support or give neutral comment. the others are giving negative feedback over this group.

suddenly i remembered back a presentation given by my classmate on kpop wave in malaysia. rather than positive, i would say the negative impact is more obvious. but i do not want to put blame on kpop industry. they are just like the hollywood, bollywood and other entertainment industries all over the world. they just want to entertain people and they really do their job. however, for this people (gula-gula) to follow the same motive (to entertain), they fail. they simply imitate kpop version of image. even 4 of them are non-muslim, the appearance that they give cannot be accepted by malaysian. but why such appearance is acceptable if it is done by outside groups? they are also non-muslim. what ever answer that people might give, this is the reality of malaysian, we cannot accept it. to be a new celebrity, you can dress all the way you want but if you imitate somebody else, people will urge you to find your own identity. Yuna for example, she is accepted, not merely because she wares 'hijab' or something but the original style of her, did pleased her fans. good job Yuna.

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