Saturday, April 7, 2007

bihah!! see me..

Finally.. i create my blog on google. As bihah had ask me to be a blogger on google.So bihah, here i am :)

I have nothing to say rite now,just keep my mind to miss my friend,mc dee.And tomorrow I'll be sitting for my poetry exam for the second time..hehehe. 20 of my friends and I have to re-sit that paper in order to graduate from this matrix, and many more have to repeat that subject again. Thanks God I just need to re-sit it. And hope that I'll pass this time.

Right after the exam, I wanna go back home. I miss my home very much.But I hate to be in bus for hours..ergh.. but I have to..

Hmm..nothing imortant right now than thinking of the questions that maight come tomorrow. oh.. I need to struggle tonight. wish me luck ya!

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