Monday, April 16, 2007

i hate him!!

im happy being his friend. The problem is he always make me jelaous with his story. huh~ fine! (hey,u think u good enough!! aergh.. i hate u!) and start from now..i will try not to msg him anymore. i feel like, i was like a stupid person when he always talk about his ex. what, he thought im willing to hear all the story.. oh, hello.. i hate to listen all that lol. and now, i can't stand anymore when 1 nite he told that his ex had called him and they were on the phone for about 2 hours. finally that nite, i told him that i dont like 'that girl' called him coz.. of course he will not msg me as usual anymore :( but he had promised me to not forget me. whatever...

The thing is..i like to be friend of him.. and i like him. but after i told him that actually im not happy when her ex called him, he was like, told me that the girl was his first.. he know that i was unhappy that nite.. the i replied, "then, the 1st cannot be the 2nd??" and i forgot what he had replied to me.. at last i told him that i dont want to be like my 1st relationship.. and he undestand.. but,after what had happened, i think he still have a hope with the girl and i feel uneasy to hope anything from him. and i decide, just to be his friend :)

Huhu..and i was thinking that this is my chance to get close with this 'one boy'. he looks shy when with me..haha. start my new plan with sue..hehe ;p

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