Thursday, April 26, 2007


tomorrow i will sit for my muet test.. owh... i feel really2 nervouse. i dont make any preparation. i just go and sit for the test. my God.. please help me to past excellently!

last nite he mssg me again. i thought he wouldn't mssg me anymore..huh~ just wanna tell me that tomorrow, erk.. i mean today, his final will begin.. so, i just wish him a huge best of luck! from our conversation last nite, i know that he didn't finish his revision yet..pity on him. and he send me a gdnite wish at 2am and another mssg at 4.30am. he want me to wake him up this morning to continue his study. and i did it. but it preety much late.. i notice that he wake up at 7am. can he make a revision at that time..? i dont know..coz, he tell me that the exam will start at 8.30am.. perhaps he's done. it shows that i still care about him eh?? :p whatever..

i will hanging out with nabila and hamidah today.. owh..this 2 girls..i miss them alot. very much. i always share my secret with them..rather my others roomates. and, they do the same to me. thats why, i feel easy to join them in anytime eventhough we just know each other at uia. oh, its late, i got to go.. i do not iron my scarf yet.. adios!

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