Monday, April 9, 2007


Yes!! Finally I've been free from examination. just waiting for the result on 17th april. the paper just now is not to hard for me..erm..maybe i struggle more on this paper. i've spent for about 4days to cover in this subject only.hehe.. God knows how paranoid i am before this. i dont want to repeat the paper. i cant stand to be in poetry class anymore.however, i have to take it again at Gombak soon.. and it might be hard than this time. i need to prepare for that. i batter get known or familiar with the subject. probably with other subjects too.. owh.. i've looked at the module that i'll be taking in main campus soon. owh my God, i've to take all the 54 subjects before i get m degree. emh..i need a strong support from everyone..

Tomorrow i will return home. everybody at home alaways call me and ask when i want to return me?? hehe..perhaps.. but i miss all my friends here. miss to go to class with them,miss to get dinner with them every night, miss to have fun and play jokes with them.. but ot all of them are here right now. zakuan and manap are not here :( aizat just return home this morning..maybe its difficult to me to meet aizat again. But still can meet them at main campus even it takes a lot of time.

huh.. miss them so much lol..

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