Wednesday, April 20, 2011


tok masuk spital dah 4 ari. and today dah the fifth day. while I first arrived at hospital, the guard did not allowed me to enter the ward. too many in there she said. then i just waited outside, at the lounge outside the icu ward. later my two cousins came and they made noise. besa la budak2. then we all have to get out from that area. the guard said its not the time yet for visiting. finally i met tok during the visiting hour at 1. she looks worst. her stomach get bigger. her face is swollen. but according to what my uncle said, she looks better than before. a lot more better. my uncle already stayed there for 3 nights and he has abandon his works. then i decided to volunteer my self to stayed for last night.

day 1:
while observing tok, i noticed several things that i never seen before. i realized that one of doctor's characteristics is friendly :). a women next to tok's bed is suffered from cancer and she has no expectation about her future. she gave up. a doctor then came to her. he talked to her. in a very friendly way. she at first ignored him and until the last minute of their conversation, i heard the doctor said :
"makcik kat mana sekarg..kat rumah ka kat mana...?"
"saya sapa?"
"doktor ahmad."
"owh, makcik ingat no nama saya... terima kasih laa...mana ada lagi orang ingat nama saya. depa suma panggil saya doktor ja. saya terharu la."
suddenly the patient's behavior changed. she agree to follow the doctor advice for further check up. later after the brought her away, i heard the doctor said to his junior...
"can you do that?"
his junior just put a smile. but not a promise smile. its more or less a sorry smile.
"i'm sure you can do that. you have to try. its not that hard. just try to chat with them ok..."

i just smile, listening to his advise.


s.u.h.a said...

tok hg ok kah? tok hg belah mana punya ni?

appini said...

belah abah aku.
teruk la weh..nnt aku update lagi. skrg di icu. mana aku balik penang lagi.