Wednesday, April 27, 2011


day 2:

I could not sleep that night. tok cannot sleep, she felt uneasy, uncomfortable, calling me the whole night, asking me to put wet towel over her head. her temperature increase a lil bit. i get worry. until the clock turn to 4 a.m, nurse and doctor came to monitor her oftenly. their expression did not please me. tok's stomach was getting bigger. her intestine got a small leak caused by the doctors when they tried to blow pressure to push a kidney stone beside her bile. unfortunately the pipe that is used did not reach her bile and stuck at the intestine and the cause a small leakage into it. as the result, air, water, virus and other things that go trough the intestine spread out and caused damage to her stomach and kidney. when her stomach was getting bigger, the doctor decide to perforate her belly, at least to let the air release. but nothing happened. after half an hour, they decided to make another operation at the stomach and fix the intestine. i was shock the moment i saw her belly was connected with a white pipe. my tears drop suddenly and she wave her hand called me. she said she was frightened. i could not do anything. i grab her hand and said nothing will happen. they just try to heal her. i told her to not worry. the most unforgettable words that i could not forget is she told herself to the nurse to let the process go smoothly. if her condition is stable after the intestine is fixed, the wish to take out the kidney stone. while the process is on going, they found out that her bile was already damaged, affected by the kidney stone. they took out the bile. i waited for about 4 hours outside the operation room and they told us that she was placed in the I.C.U. her condition was really critical because her kidney was badly damage. i could not hold my tears. all my family regret for what has happened. she told my uncle before that she does not want to come to the hospital. but they insisted.

day 3:

her condition is still the same. she's not conscious. too many wire around her. i don't know what they are. her medicine alone is 8. they were pump in at the same time. water drip both at left and right. we are only allowed to visit her twice a day. once on the noon, 1-2 pm and at the afternoon at 4.30-7pm. when she conscious, we talked to her. but she seemed high with the medicine dose that she received. one of her medicine was morphine. the most expensive drug.

day 4:

on this day, doctor decided to put dialysis machine to clean her blood and at the same time give medicine to her kidney. both her kidney were infected by virus. she didn't produce any urine for about 3 days. all her body, hand and legs were swallowed. all of us panic and don't know what to do.


s.u.h.a said...

weh, kesian nya kat tok hg.

appini said...

sgt3 kesian..