Friday, April 29, 2011


i might skip the details for day 5-10 but here the summary.

we were relieved to hear that her kidney can still be used.when they run the dialysis process, they gave her antibiotic and other medicine to cure her kidney. the machine ran 24 hours non stop for about 4 days. and at the same time she started to produce some urine. however, her swallowed did not get better. that's probably because her kidneys do not 100% healed.

for 5 to 6 days i repeat the same routine, wake up, wash clothes, go to hospital (at 10.30am), eat, wait until 12.30 for visiting tok, eat, wait at 'rumah pelawat' and eat some snack until 4.30pm for the next visit until 7pm, and eat again, then sleep. all my clothes are getting smaller. not me who is getting bigger ;p

3 days ago tok opened her eyes. but her condition was really weak. she keep saying that they want to kill her. (depa nk bunuh aku..depa tu la..nk bunuh aku). i kept saying to her that the staff were not try to kill her, but they want to heal her. (depa bukan nk bunuh tok, depa nk berubat ja...) but she refused to accept my words and still with her words. (berubat apa...depa nk bunuh aku.) and she cried. her hands were not moving. same goes to her legs. the only part that moved was her face. at this day, the dialysis machine was stopped due to the increasing of her urine. the next day the hospital decided to run a scan to see her stomach condition after a week of operation. how the stomach responds towards the medicine that they given. during the scanning process, they put something into her blood. i'm not sure what it is but from what i heard, it seems like color liquid. i don't know what the function of it. and because of that, they have to dialysis her again for more 4 hours to clean back her blood. her kidney still cannot process heavy problem.

currently she have to take back the oxygen pipe to assist her breath taking rate because she's getting weak. and she still in sleep. the nurse told me as long as the oxygen pipe is in her mouth, we have to give her sleeping medicine to let her feel no pain.

the Kidney stone. looks like 'kacang' in real.

my first night with tok in ward Kenanga 4A.

after 2nd operation.

she was awake for a day.

we relieved for a while when seeing only 1 medicine was left.

they managed to stop the oxygen tube for a while. her breath was strong enough this time.

unfortunately she slept back after the scanning process 2 days ago.

the 2nd dialysis machine to clean her blood from some color liquid.

her last update that i have taken. these bags are connected into her stomach. her stomach is still released medical waste from the second operation. the medicine that the doctors gave is to clean her lower part of her stomach that was infected by leakage at her intestine. as long as she still produces these waste, she can't get better.

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