Monday, April 18, 2011

Navigator - Acid - Cotton

Before the break I told my friend that I want to blog back. But not about love. I would like to write about things that I found. I learn. and I observe. Last night I was just thought some fact, or maybe we can't say it is a fact, I just assume something. The moment we say want want to learn things, all observations change to be new learning. For me it happens. At least so far.

First from the GPS system in my dad's car. I found it really noisy. And I asked them to switch it off. My dad already knew the way home but he just want to show me the new GPS. Later I managed to adapt with the noisy and the noisy became my pronunciation teacher. As the non-native speaker of English, I remembered my prof. used to say we must pronounce each word correctly, until the last alphabet sounds. I kept repeating the word from the navigator. "Left" with the /t/ sound at the end. "Right" also with the /t/ sound at the end. "Roundabout" also with the same end sound. what else..."meters" with the long /i/ sound at the first syllabus (mee).

This morning I went for sauna and swimming. Alone :( . After an hour and a half I swam, the workers asked me to move to a Jacuzzi area because they wanted to clean the pool. I moved. From far i saw the man pour something into the pool. The water seems hot. It produces steam. I keep observing. When he done, i asked him "apa tu?". "Asid". And i shocked, "ha?! yeke?". He nodded. He explained that the acid use to clean the new water that they supply to the pool. They change the water everyday. Only after 3 hours then the pool can be entered. So I just stay in the Jacuzzi for the next half an hour.
After I changed, I have a good chat with the security. Her name is Kak Ti. She's new here. Before this she worked at other condo, I don't really remember what is the condo's name. Something Perdana at KL. She told me the reason why we cannot wear cotton in pool. I thought because the cloth makes us harder to swim. It increases weight and easy for us to sink. But that is not the case. Cotton actually release tiny dust and when they are together, they will stuck the system below the pool. The cost for repairing it is really expensive. That's what the security said. Now I know. I really have to get a new swim suit. For the time being, no swimming.


s.u.h.a said...

aku pon swim jugak. dah lama tak pi swim.

appini said...

sonok ke (kelantan dialect =p)..!