Monday, April 18, 2011

The real task

Last night I got an assignment from my dad to do some translation text. Its not really long yet not short. It's about 3 simple paragraphs describing about some medical stuff and I accept the task. While confronting with it, I felt like its killing me. I even can't bring it to my own language. I started worried about my skill. I tried harder and harder until I manage to produce one. But a foolish one. I laughed my self. Alone. Thinking about the task. Then I saved it. Kept it safe in my 'stolen' pendrive. And today my dad asked about it. Thank god he didn't laugh but then I had to listen to a long speech. I know now is not the time to play around and I should really work harder before I graduate.

2 weeks ago I walked around with Anep at Kino and found a book, "Tiga Kali Semingu" by Dr. Faisal Tehrani. The cover pictures two persons with so Malay looks. And a short description says "Dia pandai- dia tidak menggedik pada setiap masa- dia memilih tiga kali seminggu sahaja." That what made me decided to buy the book. I thought the description refers to the 'ustaz' who gives talk to the villagers and he choses 3 times a week, but my conclusion was wrong. Its about the girl who is a widow and desperates for a husband. The book consists of 15 short stories which I found it brings me lots of new things. Not just things. I consider it Knowledge. To all my friends, we should have one. Good for us to know our own literature.

Currently I can say that I was influenced by the author and started to read his other books, " Sebongkah Batu Di Kuala Berang".


s.u.h.a said...

thank God u have that "stolen" pendrive. haha

appini said...

yup2. haha. later we get it for faten pulak k..